The Zane Way

Olympia legend Frank Zane talks about his strongest bodypart: his brain.

Courtesy of Weider Health & Firness

With wife Christine and Arnold Schwar- zenegger at the 1970 Mr. Universe.

A lot of people have trouble staying motivated enough to make that commitment to keep training. What motivation advice can you offer?

Motivation is based on two things. When you start out, it’s a different kind of motivation. Most people start working out because they don’t like where they’re at and they want to improve. It’s called deficiency motivation. That’s good motivation to start with. Then, after you do it for a while and you’ve made improvement, now you’re motivated to keep going because you want even more improvement. That’s the best kind of motivation if you’re going to keep doing this—to get rewarded for what you’re doing. Give yourself a reward, and I don’t mean eating junk food or doing something that’s contrary to your goals. Reward yourself in a positive way.

One way I was able to stay motivated all those years was through the seasonal training approach I mentioned before. Every year I would come back in the springtime with a new look, because I had worked on my weak points harder, and now they’re in better relation to the whole body.

So focusing on your weak points helped you stay motivated?

The thing is to always have goals. Set sensible goals and work hard at reaching them. But don’t sacrifice yourself to your goals to the point where you can’t be happy in the moment. Because if you’re always striving for something you don’t have, what does that say about right now? Try to have both. I know that’s not easy. I remember when I was training hard all those years, I would have these great photos from Artie Zeller, and I would look at them and always think, “I still need this, I got to do that...” and so on. I never found anything that good with them. And now when I look at the same photos, I think, “Wow, how was I able to do that?” It’s all a matter of perspective.


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